The American Idea: A Response to the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

When in the course of educational pursuits, it becomes necessary for one person to dissolve the campus indoctrination that has become standard in modern educational discourse and to debate those facilitating it.

You can be that person.

Most Campus lone conservatives have found themselves in this situation before. A student – a professor maybe – says something so outlandish that the conservative finds himself poking his head out of the proverbial box his views have been contained within. He does so in order to debate the coalition of liberals who hold dissenting opinions about everything he believes in.

It’s happened so many times, that I’m sure I can write the scenario out.


Case Study #1:

Liberal: We need gun control. We should – perhaps – even repeal the second amendment in its entirety.

Conservative: That doesn’t seem like a wise way to prevent government tyranny. Maybe there are better ideas that we should think about.

Liberal: But look how well it works for [insert a country that isn’t America here].


Case Study #2:

Liberal: We need universal healthcare.

Conservative: I don’t know; it seems ineffective to allow the government to choose what you do with your health. It just doesn’t sit right with me.

Liberal: But look how well it works for [insert a country that isn’t America here].


Have you ever witnessed a scenario where the conservative says – perhaps even whimsically – something along the lines of, “So then why don’t you move to [insert country that isn’t America here]?”

And just like that – for some reason – the discussion dissipates. Either the liberal shoos off the claim as an unrealistic answer to a real problem. Or they snarkily say “thank you” for “permission” to leave the country.

Most people don’t really think about it past that. But why is that a debate ender? Why is it that people don’t ever respond to that question. In the instances where they do answer, the answer is never, “You know what, I think I will move to [insert country that isn’t America here.]”

Why not? You – liberals – constantly advocate to make America nearly identical to other countries. You constantly demean your country while placing these other countries on a pedestal. So why not go to the places you describe as paradise?

In a recent article for the Daily Wire, titled The United States of America No Longer Exists, Matt Walsh said that since most people have difficulty finding a “fundamental ideal shared by all or most Americans” that America as an idea no longer exists and, therefore, America doesn’t exist because what is America if not for an idea?

But then how come all of those liberals, whose policy proposals seem to be so contrary to Americanism as we describe it, never leave to the countries that they view as a model? It would make sense. You hate guns? Pick up and go to a country that doesn’t have them. Do you love universal healthcare? There are plenty of countries that have it. But they just never go.

The opposite is true as immigration to America continues to be high in number. According to the Department of Homeland Security, over one million people received green cards between 2005-2105, with the exception of 2013 where the number of green cards given was slightly under one million. Not only are the liberals staying here, but foreigners are coming here too.

Similarly, in the first quarter of 2017, “289,000 aliens obtained lawful permanent resident status,” which means that we are on pace to break the one million mark again this year.

With the veracity of that parenthetical information in our back pockets, we must turn back to the analysis of the American liberal.

The reason they never go is because the liberals – who disagree with us on just about everything—agree with us on one crucially important thing; they agree that America is an idea.

They agree with the statement Walsh referenced from John McCain, “We live in a land made of ideals, not blood and soil.”

Liberals don’t stay here because the “soil” is particularly special. They stay here because they believe – convolutedly – that America represents something bigger than policy, bigger than debates, and bigger than us or our generation. Because if it’s not for the soil, and if it is not for the ideas, they wouldn’t still be here.

They understand that America means independence from those who you no longer want to be dependent upon, even though they want to grow the government. They understand that America is supposed to be the best place to live, even though they advocate for age-old policies reminiscent of monarchy and communism that make it not so.

There is no doubt that the left is reactionary.

Mark Levin has noted on his CRTV show that the framers were the most creative people in history and that their ideologies are still the newest ones. The “progressives” on the other hand are advocating for policies that far pre-date the Framers of the constitution; he’s right.

It is our job to fight the good fight and to explain to the democrats that their vision of America isn’t American at all. They don’t know and we have to tell them.

When you are sitting in a classroom in the middle of a debate with a leftist this is what you have to do. Tie everything back to the idea, the idea of America.

Get the leftist to acknowledge the ideal that is America and show them how that ideal can only be preserved through conservative principles. Because even if they sometimes question the practicality of America, they won’t question the concept of it.

Don’t say universal healthcare is bad for the country because it’s unaffordable. They won’t respond to that. Rather, bring up the tyrannical side-effects that come with government-run healthcare. Explain to them that once the government can control your health, they can control everything and anything.

Don’t vaguely say that the government shouldn’t be able to suppress “hate speech” just because the constitution says so, even though that would be enough in a perfect world.They won’t respond to that. Explain to them that if the government can outlaw what one person says or wears, then they can ban the yarmulke on their head or the cross on their chest.

If you want to win a debate with a leftist, don’t use fancy terms and specific documentation. In his book on persuasive argument called How to be Right, Greg Gutfeld says that “jargon” never wins a debate. It just makes you seem like a jerk and it’s ineffective.

Ideas, on the other hand, do work and that is the flaw in Walsh’s article.

Boil it down to the ideas that the Framers founded this country on because the Left can’t fight that. They won’t fight that because they would have left America by now if they were interested in fighting it.

Take a move out of President Trump’s playbook. Come out in favor of the flag so that your challengers must come out against it. I think that you will find that less Democrats are willing to come out against America and against the constitution (as an idea) than the Hollywood/athletic Liberals will have you believe.

Debate critics – perhaps Leftist twitter warriors who cling to their ideology at any expense – coming out against these tactics. “Reductio ad absurdum!,” they’ll screech. “Life is more complicated than that!”

But if they cry about this proposed debate antic, tying everything back to the constitutional values of the Framers, and they call the founding principles of this country absurd-um, then you have already won the debate. Any further attempt to argue would be met with the realization of having to fight against the idea of America.

The ones who are willing to do that have probably already left, and I say good riddance to them.

Elliot, a member of the class of 2019 at Yeshiva University, is a New York based political operative and writer. His work spans the spectrum from politics to screenwriting. Elliot enjoys mixed martial arts and reading anything he can get his hands on.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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Yeshiva University

Elliot, a member of the class of 2019 at Yeshiva University, is a New York based political operative and writer. His work spans the spectrum from politics to screenwriting. Elliot enjoys mixed martial arts and reading anything he can get his hands on.

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