Top Five TV Shows Every Conservative Must Watch


Friday, October 27, 2017

Turn on your television or go on Netflix and scroll through the hundreds of shows that are available to you. Then try looking for a show that doesn’t mock religion, denigrate traditional family values, criticize conservative politicians, or have blatant anti-USA themes. You know the answer: They are hard to find.  

The silver screen has turned into an almost-exclusive platform for the propagation of left-wing views and the pillory of anything else. It seems impossible for a conservative in the 21st century to find a show that they can sit back, enjoy, and ideologically agree with. But do not lose heart, because I have done that for you! Here is a list of five shows that, in my opinion, are the most conservative shows that you can find on the silver screen. All fulfill one or more of the following criteria: promotion of or respect for traditional Judeo-Christian values, promotion of or respect for conservative values, and lack of an explicit leftist agendaand it should go without saying that these are also terrifically entertaining.


  1. Person of Interest

Person of Interest was not just one of the most underrated shows on network television, it was also one of the most conservative shows ever produced.

Created by Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception), produced by J.J. Abrams (Lost), and starring Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) and Michael Emerson (Lost) in the lead roles, Person of Interest narrates the story of a former-CIA assassin who is recruited by a brilliant billionaire genius to patrol the streets of New York as a vigilante, stopping crimes before they happen based on information provided by an artificial intelligence system created by the billionaire. The show is by no means a repetitive procedural; every season contains an overarching story arc which ensures that every episode ends in a cliff-hanger, building up to thrilling season finales.

It is also heavy on action, with Caviezel’s ex-CIA character showing off his vast arsenal of handguns, semi-automatics, machine guns, and even rocket launchers, while also featuring in some excellent hand-to-hand combat scenes. Cops are portrayed in a positive light, often willing to go the extra mile and occasionally bend rigid rules to ensure that the bad guys are brought to justice. The show examines various everyday themes such as love, friendship, loyalty, morality, and sacrifice, and political themes like vigilantism and the ethics of mass surveillance.

Fun fact: In May 2012, Person of Interest had an episode titled ‘No Good Deed,’ where a young NSA employee named Henry Peck discovers that the US government is engaging in mass surveillance of its citizens and leaks classified information to the press. He then has to flee to escape government assassins who try to kill him. Exactly thirteen months later, a real-life NSA employee discovered that the US government is engaging in mass surveillance of its citizens, and leaked this information to the world. His name was Edward Snowden. Surreal, isn’t it?

Want to know what else big government is capable of? Or are you just waiting to watch the most pro-gun show since 24? Watch Person of Interest, and you will never see the world the same way again!


  1. The Man in the High Castle

We often hear liberals bash Western civilization and America, almost wishing that both didn’t exist in the way they do today. The Man in the High Castle depicts exactly what such an America would look like.

Set in an alternate reality where the Axis Powers have won World War II and have occupied all of North America, the show paints a picture of what such an America would look like and let me warn you, for a second, it looks like every liberal’s dream world. Firearms are illegal for the common man, religion has been abolished and replaced with devotion to either the Fuhrer or the Emperor of Japan, the mainstream media presents the narrative favoured by the government, healthcare is owned by the government, with the doctors serving as spies to report about and euthanize any patient who is considered ‘unfit’ by the Reich. Language is policed and dissenters are thrown into prison or killed at the whims of the ruling elite. Let’s just say, it’s not the best place to live for any human being who values personal freedom.

With a stellar cast including Rufus Sewell (Hamlet) and Alexa DaValos (Defiance), The Man in the High Castle is a thought-provoking TV show about hope, faith, and the strength of human will when pitted against an oppressive regime. It has many moments that will make you gasp, others that will make you laugh, and some that will make you cry.

Every conservative should watch The man in The High to be horrified at what the world could have been, and grateful for what it is today.  


  1. Lost

 If there ever was a competition for the most philosophical and religious show on network television, Lost would win hands down. I would go on to argue that if there was a contest for the most conservative show on television, Lost would definitely be in the top five.

First, you have the plotline: a group of survivors from a plane crash making their way through a treacherous island and learning to survive by taking on various responsibilities. Then you have the religious themes, with a God versus Satan narrative involving the characters Jacob and the Man in Black. And then there are the conservative characters: James ‘Sawyer’ Ford, a Republican, gun enthusiast, hater of collectivism, and an all-round tough guy. John Locke/Jeremy Bentham, a ‘man of faith’ who believes in miracles and knows his way with knives. Mr. Eko is a drug-dealer turned minister who carries around his Scripture-covered stick and helps build a church on the island. There are also fascinating themes that are discussed, including the objectivity of truth and morals, the possibility of miracles, the existence of the supernatural, and living a good life.

With a stellar cast, an exceptionally creative writing team, and an original premise, many consider Lost to be the best television show of our time. While it is not number one on my list of TV shows for conservatives, I certainly believe that it is a show that reflects conservative values more than any other set of values, and that is why I think it is a show that every conservative must watch.


  1. Last Man Standing

Tired of the non-stop sexual innuendo of Friends, the crassness of How I Met Your Mother, or the ridiculous leftist narrative in Modern Family? Or are you looking for a sitcom that you can watch with your entire family, kids included? If any of these are your concerns, Last Man Standing is just the show for you.

Set in Denver, Colorado, Last Man Standing focuses on the Baxter family: Mike Baxter (played by Tim Allen), a “man’s man” who is a staunch Republican and hardware store executive with his wife Vanessa, and their three daughters. Mike is portrayed as an old-fashioned dad who loves his guns, loves traditional values, and loves America. Nonetheless, he is a rather likable character. Baxter’s wife and children are more left-leaning (perhaps except for his youngest daughter, Eve, who also shares his love for guns). This difference in political opinion within the same house is the source of many a political debate, like this one he has with his daughter on political correctness in colleges, or this hilarious scene about Hillary Clinton. There are also many subtle and blatant jabs at Obama, the Clintons, and the left in general, making it a perfect sitcom for conservatives to have a hearty laugh over.

Unsurprisingly, ABC abruptly canceled Last Man Standing, despite being one of the most-watched and highest-rated shows on the network. Many excuses were given by the network, but Tim Allen thinks that the show was canceled because of his character’s political views.

Tim Allen stated that the reason the show was canceled was because, “The guy was a likable guy, a principled guy, just about work and ethics and all this stuff.” He said in a recent interview, “I think there’s nothing more dangerous now than a likable conservative character.”

If anything, that should give conservatives more reason to take some time out and watch this show. After all, if something triggers the regressive left, it’s sure to be entertaining.


  1. 24

24 is a no-brainer for the number one position on this list.

America was shaken after 9/11, and America found its hero in Jack Bauer, a daring agent for the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles. Bauer is a patriot, willing to do anything to keep his country safe, including torturing the bad guys until he got the necessary information out of them. Away from work, he was a family man, doing everything he could to keep his daughter safe after (spoiler alert) the death of his wife.

The primary reason for the success of the show during its early period was due to the innovative real-time narration, the brilliant action sequences, the unapologetic depiction of terror groups as the embodiment of evil, and a realistic portrayal of a character’s unreserved loyalty for his country. The creator of the show was himself an admirer of Ronald Reagan.

While the show was critically acclaimed throughout its run, the first four seasons lean particularly toward conservative ideals. Radical Islamic terrorism was portrayed as a major threat, guns were frequently used by the good guys to take down the bad guys, law enforcement was depicted as a force of good, Jack Bauer had no second thoughts about hurting the terrorists to get what he needs out of them, justice was meted out to the bad guys, and American values stood for everything that was good and worth fighting for. It is no wonder that Dick Cheney and several others in the Bush administration were huge fans.

It was then that political correctness came on the scene, and, like it does to everything else, pushed the show more to the left. After CAIR and other minority groups got involved, the show had to issue a politically correct disclaimer, Bauer’s character was toned down, and the show even seemed to take a few shots at conservatives (including having a primary antagonist to be a Republican president who hauntingly looks and behaves a lot like Richard Nixon). The episodes aren’t bad, but they just aren’t as good as the ones in the first four seasons.

Nonetheless, there is something in watching that ticking clock, the sound of gunfire, and hearing Kiefer Sutherland yell, “DAMMIT!” that gets our blood and adrenaline rushing. 24 was, is, and always will be the greatest conservative show of my generation.

Those are the five shows that I think every conservative must watch during their lifetime. Are there any other shows that aren’t on this list, but you think should be? Let me know!




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The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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