The Election That Never Ended: Hillary Clinton’s New Book


Friday, August 4, 2017

Impeachment, investigation, collusion, corruption. All words used by the media, both liberal and some conservative outlets, to describe President Donald Trump’s administration since assuming command of our great country. With the announcement of Hillary Clinton’s new book “What Happened,” we can only expect this to continue.

While this type of language was also used against President Obama, albeit by less mainstream media outlets, no Republican politicians ever took legal action to remove Obama from the White House via impeachment.

Less than a year into President Trump’s term, two Representatives have introduced articles of impeachment against the president. Brad Sherman of California and Al Green of Texas believe that the president’s actions warrant impeachment.

The term impeachment is thrown around so regularly that liberals believe it is a valid and reasonable possibility, and conservatives have become immune to taking the suggestion seriously.

Riding this wave of disbelief is Hillary Clinton’s new book title “What Happened,” some interesting theories could be posed. As in what radioactive asteroid crashed into America and distracted the voters enough for Trump to sneak into the Oval Office? Was a secret, conservative chemical mist released by the retired Bush’s in Texas that settled over the Midwest and New England? Did newly erected windmills start hypnotizing passers-by into voting for Trump? Hypnotic windmills can be the only explanation for a state growing in wind energy like Iowa, that voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, going red for Trump.

This book will give a personal account behind Hillary’s allegedly improbable loss; an extremely improbable loss, according to poll numbers near the election date.

The impeachment rhetoric that has become common in talk shows, late night comedy, and even on the floor of House of Representatives, all fuels the narrative that Trump still isn’t fully our president. That there is still a way out. This book will likely be more fuel to this nonsensical fire.

So what did happen in November of 2016? For those of you who are still unsure, let me explain because it’s actually quite simple.

Bernie Sanders was a better t-shirt, Hilary was a better politician, and Donald Trump marketed to voters who felt like the rest of the political world couldn’t hear them and didn’t care. The electoral college voted, and HRC did not receive the majority.

So why dwell?

Because people are still holding out hope for our current president to fail in order for their narrative to become reality. Introducing articles of impeachment in the House for his personality and attitude is playing along with the delusion that if someone is disliked by one loud group, then they are not fit to represent anyone.

Will this book be an explanation or a list of excuses? Just like this election, everyone will believe in their own version of the message. Luckily for Hillary, Republicans know that a book can’t be un-written as easily as how some Democrats in the House seem to think a presidency can be undone. So let’s let book sales, as well as investigations, run their course before determining the success of either.

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Patricia is an editor at Lone Conservative. She was born and raised in the Midwest, and is currently attending a private Iowa College and majoring in philosophy. She enjoys figure skating, books, and talking to strangers on the metro.

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