First-Year: How I Became a Conservative


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

“What are you passionate about?” the lecturer asked us.

It was orientation day for my freshman year. I remember that day like it was yesterday; the smell of cat piss in the air and an overwhelming vibe to party a lot and make many mistakes. My friends and I, along with the collective of freshman students who attended orientation, were all anxious about college. It seemed as if all of us in the room were only concerned about friends, personal academics, or most importantly, who has the hook-up for that “dank weed.”

Reality had begun to set in for most, if not all, of those who had attended orientation. My fellow peers were asked a simple question: “What are you passionate about?” The answers that had followed were typical such as changing the world, helping others, and smoking weed. Notice the trend?

One answer caught me by surprise: “End white supremacy.”

At first I thought it was a joke and laughed to myself. Upon looking around the auditorium, however, I quickly came to the realization that the individual was quite serious and I ended up being that guy who laughed to himself in a silent auditorium. When the student was asked to explain he said that, “All police do is kill black people,” and that police officers are all “donut-eating racists.” Moreover, he mentioned that the police department should revamp their systems and he even went so far as to call for called the complete abolishment of police departments. This, according to the student, must take place because of their apparent racism inherent to our justice system.

I was shocked due to my relatively low exposure to liberal ideology prior to this, but, at the same time, I thought it was a good idea. After all, I always wanted to rob a store without the police coming after me – I mean, who hasn’t?

I always thought of myself to be neutral when it came to political issues. I didn’t side with liberals or conservatives because I simply didn’t care. This changed slowly, but steadily, as I continued to attend university. During this process I became increasingly involved in politics,  which ultimately led me to identifying as a conservative. Politics happened to be a newfound passion of mine and still is.

Fast-forward to the middle of the same semester and I found myself sitting in English class – bored out of my mind – reading an article entitled “Why Working a Job at McDonald’s is a Bad Influence on Youths.” After reading the article, we were supposed to debate whether or not the author is right or wrong. As I began to read the article, somebody raised their hand ready to discuss the article. I was amazed that someone who I suspected was high on marijuana could read a 3-page article in less than a minute without staring at the page and dozing off into space. That amazement soon turned to disappointment when I heard his argument, which was that the author was wrong because “he is a white male.”

To the student, the author’s race presented him with a privilege that others did not have, and therefore he should “check” his privilege before writing an opinionated article. To be fair, I do believe there are some privilegeslike the privilege to make good life decisionsbut not privileges based on race.

I do not know why the progressive Left likes to specifically target the white race. If there is a race they should be targeting, it should be the Asians such as myself.

As a matter of fact, the professor was happy to hear the student’s response. Being the jerk that I am, I cut everyone’s happiness short and decided to speak out against these ideas, bringing up the following facts:


  • Wealth disparity does not equal inequality. Leftists like to cite that whites make more than blacks in average household income but if they want to cite races that make more than blacks specifically, what about the Asian race? Making more on average than all races in the United States. Is that Asian privilege?
  • Currently, the black, single mother percentages are at 66% in the United States. What if this is merely a personal responsibility thing? As said by Ben Shapiro, “No white man is forcing a black couple to have sex and having the male leave the mother.” The reason black communities have high crime rates is that single mother households breed violence. When you look into the lives of serial killers or violent criminals of all races in prisons today, they tend to have been brought up in a broken household and with a single mother.
  • There are currently no laws in legislation that are racist in intent that support the idea of white supremacy. In fact, the only racist law in legislation is affirmative action which puts whites at a disadvantage. Colleges and places of employment want to push the idea of diversity by limiting them to nothing but the color of their skin, rather than pushing for intellectual diversity.


As I was talking, the whole class went quiet (and no one wanted to debate me) as if I shattered their precious liberal echo chamber. All I saw around me were hateful glares from some of the students and some students silently nodding their heads in agreement to the arguments I presented. I left class thinking to myself, “Wow, it must be really easy to be liberal! All I have do is blame everything on white people!”

A buddy of mine was in the same class. He also that the professor was losing his marbles and that I brought up some good arguments that offered a different perspective to what we hear every day. While the original student’s response was semi-relevant, it did not call for the professor to expand on it and essentially shove liberal ideology down the entire class’ throat. On the contrary, the more I thought about what happened, the more worried I became about how colleges are becoming less about critical thinking and evidence and more about feelings.

The current climate of California campuses is worrying and I intend to speak out against liberal ideology as I progress through my college years. Liberalism is becoming quite an issue on campuses across the nation.

I believe that a college is a place for being open as well as questioning the world around you. Liberal ideology has not been challenged in the classroom for a long time and, because of this, will continue to mutate and multiply.

Its inevitable conclusion is absolute madness with the ideas of safe spaces, trigger warnings, and microaggressions being implemented on college campuses to silence the opinions of others.

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