Let’s Stop Sugar Coating Abortion


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Abortion. Pro-Life. Pro-Choice. Reproductive rights. Women’s rights. Whatever tag you choose to place on this issue, the essence of it remains the same: murder.

Whether you address the unborn human fetus as life or a blob of tissue, if a human is considered dead when their heart stops beating, should there be any question as to when human life begins?

Given President Donald Trump’s inauguration and his past comments concerning women, the issue of women’s rights has been at the forefront of the media for the past few weeks. Millions of people have taken to marching and exercising their First Amendment right through the streets of Washington, D.C. and other cities across the country with their support of the issue manifesting in various forms and colors. Some are peaceful and reasonable, while the highlights of others etched into our memory are the protestors’ best “vagina costumes,” and handmade “pussy hats.” Regardless, the issue of abortion has been spun and twisted in an effort to justify the genocide of millions of innocent, unborn human lives.

This should not only disgust us, but it should scare us, and it should shake us to our core that we have to stand witness to it.

The left has tried to make the abortion argument solely about the mother. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother and respect motherhood, but abortion is not about the convenience of the mother. It’s not about saying who gets to live and who gets to die for the sake of convenience to the mother. This just isn’t how the real world works, and it defies every bit of human nature.

Life has lost its value in recent years, and I can’t help but scratch my head and wonder how we ended up here—this does not only include abortion either.

We’ve seen dozens of mass shootings in past years that are nothing more than an attack on people for not only who they are, but rather who they are not. Prime examples of this include the Pulse Nightclub shooting where a Muslim extremist open fired inside a gay bar in Orlando because homosexuality did not align with his religious views. We saw it happen in South Carolina when Dylann Roof decided to go on a shooting spree inside of a historically black church because he was a racist psychopath.

The examples go on. These have not been attacks on random people. These have been attacks on people for their differences in ideology, race and sexuality. This twisted way of thinking has invaded our country, and it is ripping us apart, figuratively and literally, in the case of abortion. It’s scary to think about, but it really makes me wonder if humanity values other human lives at all anymore.

Do we really care? Or do we say we care but choose to have a front row seat to the latest bloodbath unfold on the news?

Abortion is a quite simple concept at the heart of the issue. If you are a woman, or assuming that’s what you identify as, and you get pregnant under circumstances you deem undesirable to have a child, there are Planned Parenthood centers all across the nation that will gladly help you rid yourself of this unwanted “blob of tissue” by means of tearing the baby apart, piece by piece, and removing it from the womb.

There is no way to sugar coat how this happens. This is not an innocent procedure; it is nothing more than a legal murder in the most gruesome way possible. If this were to take place anywhere besides a womb, every party involved would be charged with first degree murder and face twenty-five years to life for their actions.

As a Christian, abortion sickens me. However, I think that science is the best argument against abortion there is. The facts don’t lie.

At day twenty-two, the heart begins to beat. At week five, eyes, hands and feet begin to develop. At week eight, every organ is present in the baby. At week eleven, the baby can grasp objects placed in its hands and all the organ systems are functioning. At week seventeen, the baby can have a dream. The facts go on and on.

At what point can you honestly say that this isn’t indeed a living human being?  This is why the pro-choice and abortion ideology does not hold strong. You can call abortion whatever you want to help you sleep at night, but the facts remain. That unborn child is no blob of tissue; it is a precious and innocent human life.

There are only two sides to this issue: those who support the murder of unborn children and those who believe that child has a right to life. However, the “pro-choice” position is nothing more than a choice to look away and take a laissez faire approach to such a cut and dry issue. Complacency is destructive. By saying you’re pro-choice, what you are saying is that while you may not personally support the slaughter of unborn children, you believe that everyone else should have that “right,” if they so choose, to go down that road.

The ability to end another human’s life is not a right the last time I checked.

As a member of the male community, I’ve been told that I do not have the right to comment on the issue of abortion. I could not disagree with this more.  As a human, how can I be expected to stand idly by and be nothing more than a witness to this modern day genocide? I can’t do that and have the ability to sleep at night.

If the pro-life crowd is not going to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves, who will?

My biggest fear is that when I’m old and gray, my grandkids are going to be reading about this genocide we call abortion in their history books like we read about the Holocaust. Not only that, but the thought that they’re going to ask the same questions we had and still have about the Holocaust.

“Why didn’t anyone speak up?”

“Why didn’t anyone do anything?”

“They did nothing wrong, what did they do to deserve this?”

The even scarier part of this is that the questions are not going to use the word “anyone,” but rather “you.” Think about that. They’re not going to want to know why the rest of the world didn’t do anything about this; they’re going to want to know why YOU did not do anything to stop this, why YOU did not speak up when you knew what was going on defied everything you stood for, why YOU did not let your voice be heard when no one else would take a stand for the unborn. The possibly of this nightmare becoming a reality terrifies me, and is why I will always speak out for what I know is right.

According to the World Health Organization, there are over 3,000 abortions that take place every day across the United States.  The number 3,000 may not seem like that big of a number; but at a rate of 3,000 abortions daily, that would mean that there are over 1,095,000 abortions each year. This is a staggering number, a number so large I don’t really think that the human mind can even begin to grasp the carnage that takes place in abortion centers.

Until we begin to just slightly understand and realize that these are human lives being ruthlessly and abruptly ended, we will never truly win this fight for life.

This is an issue we cannot be silent on any longer.  It is time to make a change and say that every life matters and not just the ones that are convenient for CNN to put in the spotlight. We cannot keep sugar coating what abortion is truly about. It is not about it being the mother’s right; it is about an innocent human being stripped of their right to life. This voice that needs to be heard is not going to come from the mainstream media.

This voice is going to have to start with you. Do not stay silent. The fight for our youngest Americans’ right to live begins with you.



Photo Credit: John Stephen Dwyer

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