The Email Scandal That Never Was


Monday, March 13, 2017

On March 2, news broke that Mike Pence used a private, personal email account while he was governor of Indiana. Pence reportedly used his AOL account to communicate with some of his top advisers in reference to certain sensitive information. Additionally, Governor Pence’s account was allegedly hacked, presumably suggesting that sensitive information may have been exposed.

Pretty damning, Hillary-esque stuff, right? There’s only one problem with that logic:

Pence’s email ‘scandal’ isn’t comparable to Hillary Clinton’s famous debacle. In fact, it’s not even close. However, that did not stop the instant backlash that Pence received from both the media and Twitter users alike; all of them drawing comparisons between Pence and Hillary, calling him a hypocrite.

It was completely legal for Vice President Pence to use a private email account during the time he served as governor. The Daily Caller reported, “Under Indiana state law, public officials are not prohibited from using personal email accounts, but are encouraged to preserve the exchanges for transparency reasons.”

In light of the assured legality regarding the utilization of the account, there were, of course, some transparency questions raised. Where exactly are the emails that were being sent and received from that account?

In compliance with Indiana state law, all government emails are being archived by the state department, as per a statement by one of Pence’s officers. Mike Pence also delivered 13 boxes full of emails that regarded the state in an attempt to quash any transparency concerns.

Was the former governor’s decision to send and receive sensitive, state-related information via a personal email account legal? Absolutely. Was it perhaps the wisest decision? From a security standpoint, no it wasn’t. Is this new “scandal” comparable to Hillary’s? Not at all.

Hillary’s account was held on a private server, Hillary’s account was used for the exclusive purpose of passing classified information back and forth with no transparency.

Information far more sensitive than what was in the governor of Indiana’s AOL account passed through her privately held server, Hillary repeatedly lied about her account and the emails that were contained in it, and the list goes on and on. This controversy is just one of the many things that leftists and the media will attempt to hang on to for as long as they can to delegitimize the Trump administration.

One final message to the media and those that are appalled by Pence’s nonexistent hypocrisy: There are many egregiously hypocritical behaviors that you can call out the Trump administration for. The Pence email ‘scandal’ is not one of them.

It is time to move on from drawing your own baseless comparisons from this story and go to something that needs to be called out. Once the media does that, the American people will actually begin to take the mainstream media seriously. However, until they stop showcasing their biases while under the guise of objectivity and truth, the American liberal news media will have a hard time getting their audience to drink their Kool-Aid.

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About Greg Matusow

Greg Matusow is a governmentally libertarian, socially conservative high school student in southern New Jersey. He first became politically inclined after his religiosity (Judaism) became a larger, more prominent part of his life. However, he still bases his political philosophy on rational thought and decisive thinking.

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