Donald Trump is Not Even Close to Hitler


Friday, March 10, 2017

If you’ve been paying attention to what leftists are saying about Donald Trump, he is a horrible human beinglike he’s literally worse than Hitler. Leftists and even some on the right believe that Donald Trump is the worst human being who ever existed.

In the face of this accusation, I’ve decided to compile a list of some of the most wicked men (and women because it would be misogynistic of me not to include women) history has to offer. Let’s compare the atrocities committed by these individuals, who can be described as nothing short of evil, to the actions of our current president and really see if he is the worst person who ever lived.


Genghis Khan


Genghis Khan was the Mongol leader who built one of history’s largest empires (through blood and death of course). Khan did many horrible things throughout his life (killing his own brother for starters), but really all we need to focus on is the fact that while trying to conquer the entire world, he and his army killed about 40 million people. 40 million people comprised about 10% of the entire population at the time.

Last time I checked, Donald Trump’s death count was less than half that. In fact, it’s much less than half. It’s 0 to be exact. Actually, with his recent ban on providing aid to overseas abortion clinics, he may actually save lives giving him a negative death toll.

While we’re on the subject of Genghis Khan and the Mongols, allow me to remind you that China built a wall to keep people such as the Mongols or other dangerous men out of their country to protect it. The wonder of the world we all admire and take trips to take pictures of was built for the same reason Trump wants a wall, to secure the border. Make sure to think about that when you plan your vacations.


Ivan the Terrible


Ivan the Terrible was the czar of Russia between 1547 and 1584.


He was a really messed up dude since the beginning. Most kids enjoy riding bikes and playing games; Ivan enjoyed killing pet animals for fun by dropping them from high places. That alone should be enough to make the list, but it only got worse.

He switched to killing people as a teenager and by the time he came to power, death and torture became a sort of fetish for him. Friday nights, you all probably kick back at home, grab a slice of pizza, and binge watch your favorite Netflix show. Ivan enjoyed kicking back and watching people being tortured. Some of his prisoners would be tortured for up to 20 consecutive hours.

As Trump would say, he was not a nice guy. He was a very nasty guy. Now given that I don’t know exactly how Donald Trump spends his evenings, I can make an educated guess that it’s not watching people get tortured. I’m sure the White House staff probably frowns upon that. And I’m fairly positive he doesn’t drop his pets from the top of Trump Tower. Although, CNN may be covering that next week.


The Dracula Inspirations


There are 2 individuals in history that are said to be the inspiration behind the famous fictional vampire Dracula, Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Bathory.

Vlad the Impaler was Prince of Wallachia in 1448. Vlad the Impaler, of course, enjoyed impaling his enemies. He’s famously known for shoving large pointy sticks through people’s rear ends until they came out of their mouth, a quite sadistic form of killing someone.

The other inspiration for Dracula is said to be Elizabeth Bathory. Elizabeth Bathory is history’s most prolific serial killer (Who said that women can’t earn important titles?). Elizabeth Bathory is responsible for the deaths of 650 girls. Bathory believed that the blood of her victims made her skin younger. She forced her victims to be naked and then tortured and killed them. Afterwards she’d drink or bathe in their blood.

These were two pretty messed up individuals. Last time I checked, Trump neither enjoys drinking the blood of his enemies nor inflicting deadly sodomy. So I’m gonna go ahead and say that Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Bathory are just a little worse than Trump.




No, I don’t mean Milo Yiannopoulos’ Twitter account (Gone but never forgotten.). I mean the emperor of Rome way back in 54 AD.

Nero had a particular interest and that was persecuting Christians. While in power, Nero blamed the Christians for everything and had them tortured and killed in barbaric ways.

Nero is also speculated to have caused the great fire in Rome that killed many. Of course, he blamed that on the Christians as well.

What do Nero and Trump have in common? Nero persecuted Christians while Trump is persecuting Muslims…wait, what’s that? Trump hasn’t called for the deaths of Muslims and simply wants to put a hold on refugees and immigrants from hostile Muslim countries until we can come up with better vetting systems so we can protect the American people?

Oh…never mind then. They have nothing in common.


Adolf Hitler


Oh, Adolf, the left’s favorite dictator to use in petty attempts to discredit their opponents …

Adolf Hitler was the ruler of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and the leader of the Nazi party. As I’m sure we all know, he wasn’t exactly a nice guy.

He wanted to conquer Europe and was responsible for the Holocaust where millions of Jews, gypsies, Jehovah’s witnesses, homosexuals, political enemies, and other persons who Hitler deemed bad were dehumanized and killed. About 6 million Jews were killed and roughly 6 million other assorted prisoners bringing Hitler’s death count to around 12 million. This calculation doesn’t even take into account the millions of prisoners who survived but suffered unimaginable physical and emotional pain.

I know that isn’t as big as Genghis Khan’s death count, but considering that the 1930s and 40s were supposed to be a more civilized time period, it’s just as evil and barbaric.

Hitler was an extremely wicked man and the actions he and the Nazis committed are more than deserving of an eternity in hell (although some could argue that hell is too good for him).

Now, if you’re not an insane person, you may be reading this and ask yourself “how is Donald Trump like Hitler?” Well, that’s simple. He isn’t.

True, there are some similarities between Trump and Hitler. They both wanted to put the countries they led first, as any leader should.

If you’re a leftist, you may see that similarity and shout “Aha! I told you they were alike!” But as with almost any human being, you will find similarities between people if you look hard enough.

One of Hitler’s favorite movies was the 1927 Fritz Lang film “Metropolis.” My film literature teacher my senior year in high school also enjoys this movie, knowing it was Hitler’s favorite. Using leftist logic, my film literature teacher is Hitler. Hitler also enjoyed the movie Snow White, so do many little girls across the world. Statistics show that a large portion of the world’s little girls have Nazi tendencies because of this major similarity.

“But what about how Trump treats Muslim people?” You might ask me. All Trump is doing is putting the American people first. There are some bad guys in the particular Muslim countries the US has a put a hold on immigration from and Trump wants to make sure those bad guys don’t find their way here.

Until Trump starts rounding Muslim people up and putting them into camps (something similar to what a democratic president once did to Japanese citizens), I’m gonna go ahead and make the call that he is not Hitler.

The list of evil men and women in history is not a short list. There are many people who can be described as nothing other than pure evil, and not all were rulers.

Jeffrey Dahmer gets an honorable mention because, well, the man liked to kill people, have sex with their corpses, and then eat said corpses. Jack the Ripper also gets an honorable mention because while he was alive he killed many innocent young women in London and was never caught.

Make no mistake, I’m not going to pretend like Donald Trump is the second coming of Jesus. If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t consider him a man of much character. He has a bad temper, he’s rude, he’s stubborn, he lacks certain morals, and he has said terrible things about women. He’s far from perfect and I wouldn’t debate someone who said he does not have the attitude of a president.

That being said, I think many of his policies will greatly benefit this country, so I’m willing to put aside some of the stupid things he’s said and done because he’s going to help this country and I like this country. But frankly, I don’t care if my president is a crotchety rude old man or Mother Teresa. If his or her policies benefit my country and myself, that’s pretty much all I care about. I know that may seem selfish of me, but I want to succeed and live a prosperous life in this great country. I cannot do that if the president of this country makes policies that make it more difficult for the people of this country to succeed and live a prosperous life.

If my president helps make policies where I can succeed and live a prosperous life, I frankly don’t care if he constantly tells people to shut up or goes on Twitter rants about insignificant celebrities.

Make good policies, I like you. Make bad policies, I don’t like you. It’s as simple as that.

However, if someone makes policies I don’t like, that doesn’t make them a horrible human being.

A major talking point (more like an excuse) the left likes to use to justify their hatred and remarks towards Trump is that allegedly, republicans said the same horrible things about Barack Obama. While that is grossly untrue for the most part, yes, there were a select few that called him Hitler or Beelzebub or whatever. While I disagreed with practically everything Obama did while in office, I’m not going to call him evil or a horrible human being because I’m older than 5 and am capable of disagreeing with someone while not attempting to dehumanize them.

If you believe honestly that Donald Trump is one of the worst human beings that ever existed, I ask that you reread through this small list and even research other evil individuals in history and compare. If you read other horrific actions committed by actually evil people (even in our own time), and still find that Donald Trump is the worst human being ever, well then … you’re an idiot.

Zachary Thomas is a student at York Technical College, a freelance writer, and an engineer at a commercial cabinetry company. Though his passion for politics hasn't been around long, he has always had an interest in the law and plans to further his education to become a lawyer. He loves his God, his country, his family, and his sweaters.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Zachary Thomas

York Technical College

Zachary Thomas is a student at York Technical College, a freelance writer, and an engineer at a commercial cabinetry company. Though his passion for politics hasn't been around long, he has always had an interest in the law and plans to further his education to become a lawyer. He loves his God, his country, his family, and his sweaters.

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