The Left’s Wall of Shame


Thursday, March 9, 2017

The left’s “Wall of Shame” is one of the biggest factor in Hillary’s defeatif not the most important one.

What is the Left Wall of Shame? It is the constant mainstream media shaming of a particular person or a group and the ensuing wave of harassment and threats from the left.

There are an astonishing number of left “Wall of Shame” cases.

When a Christian bakery refused to provide service to a gay couple for their marriage, they were victims of harassment in the following weeks. They were also fined $135,000 by the Colorado court system.

An older example would be the Memories Pizza Controversy. The owners answered a hypothetical question about catering a gay wedding by saying they wouldn’t on the basis of their faith. They even explicitly said they would still serve gay clients pizzas for regular in-store purchases.

Memories Pizza not only suffered harassment from internet trolls, but threats that also claimed to know where the owner’s family lived. The backlash was so large they had to close the restaurant and they were only able to re-open due to generous donations totaling $842,000 from donors all around the United States.

The left also targets their own supporters. Casey Affleck, who was quite open about supporting Hillary and animal rights, was attacked for previous sexual harassment allegations that were dealt with over seven years ago! They allegations had already been settled, but the alt-left still tried its hardest to make sure he lost his chances at an Oscar but they failedjust look at the TwitterWall of Shame” after he won.

It just goes on and on and on.

The left also generalizes conservatives and libertarians by calling us racist, sexist, homophobic, trans-phobic, bigots, and etc. Just turn on the TV and you’ll see someone demonizing you for holding a certain opinion near and dear to your heart and wanting to espouse your opinion using your First Amendment right.

The left is allowed to exercise their constitutional rights by refusing to perform at or refusing to attend Trump’s inauguration. Why is the right not allowed to express their views?

People are exhausted from hiding their political views because they might be attacked or bullied on college campuses. They’re tired of the left throwing a fit every time a conservative speaker shows up on campus.

But how did all of this influence the elections?

The everyday, normal American citizen was tired and annoyed by the constant shaming of anyone who goes against the radical left’s agenda and revolted against it in November. They wanted revenge after all the years of frustration and Trump was the perfect candidate for exactly that.

He is not scared of calling the mainstream media (MSM) out for their biases. Trump is not afraid of taking radical stances against the MSM and this enrages the left. All of this, combined with the fact Hillary Clinton was obviously corrupt and failed to rally the previous base Obama had garnered during the last elections, created the perfect cocktail for a “Major League Flush” on November 8th.

Now Trump may not be the most competent conservative or even an actual conservative, but he has proven to be successful at rallying Republicans. He has become so apt at creating a consensus among Republican voters that the right isn’t calling him out on his faults anymore, but that is an entirely different topic.

The left’s “Wall of Shame” is going strong, but, with Trump in office, we can rest easy knowing that someone is fighting for us day and night.

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About Nicolas Begin

Nicolas Bégin is a sophomore in Communication & Media at the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal in Québec, Canada and a one in a million Conservative student in a very left leaning school.

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