The Three Arms of the Left


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

You almost always, when you have bad programs, have an unholy coalition of the do-gooders on the one hand and the special interests on the other.

  Milton Friedman


The modern regressive left prides itself on its inclusivity and diversity. It prides itself on a sense of unearned moral superiority over conservatives because they have the support from a wide range of demographics. However, as the election of 2016 proved, the leftist coalition is nowhere near as stable as it seems. Traditionally Democratic states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania went red as Donald Trump’s campaign appealed to the white working class of these states.

The modern regressive left can be broken into 3 arms with each arm having its own set goals and motivations.

The Do-Gooder:

This faction of the modern, regressive left is represented by our classmates in university. They are politicians like Bernie Sanders or celebrities like Patton Oswalt.

This is a group of people who believe they are doing the right thing. The Do Gooder’s believe that communism can work and advocate for a $15 an hour minimum wage because they care so much for the well-being of their fellow man.

The Do Gooder’s march in protest of conservative speakers because they heard from a friend of a friend that Ben Shapiro is the head of the KKK and must be stopped. They silence “hate speech” because they’ve been told by their sociology professors that saying there are only 2 genders is oppressive.

The issue with the Do-Gooder isn’t that he’s ignorant; it is that he knows so much that isn’t true. The Do-Gooder is often a victim of the “liberal bubble.” They have often been incubated in communities that lean left, attend schools that lean left, go to a university that lean left, and consume entertainment that leans to the left.

If one grows up in an environment where they have always been told 2 + 2 = 5, it is hard to convince them otherwise.

The Do-Gooder identifies himself by his virtue and sees his tolerance as a core part of his identity. This is a large part of the reason why Do-Gooders on campus react so violently to different ideas because they feel as though their entire identity and worldview are being shaken.

The good news is that the Do Gooder’s aren’t too far gone; I used to be a Do Gooder.

The most important thing we can do as conservatives is bring new ideas to our classrooms, engage in debate, exchange ideas and always champion free speech.

Over time, as people become open to hearing new ideas hear the truth and they come to the right.

The Underachiever

This is the group of people who props up the modern, regressive left. Without them, there would be no movement.

This is a group of people who feel like society has let them down or leaves much to be desired. Examples would be members of the Black Lives Matter movement, women who feel that America is an oppressive patriarchy, low-income people who are told that their wealth is hoarded by the rich.

The Underachievers often know as much as Do-Gooders but with one difference that makes them harder to bring over: They are told that they are victims.

The Underachievers are told that society owes them something and it is up to the government or a charismatic activist to right that wrong. This victimhood way of thinking leads to a sense of powerlessness and anger that can result in violent backlashes as we have seen at Berkeley, Milwaukee, and Charlotte.

The objective of the Underachiever is to reclaim something they have never had and often doesn’t exist. Their causes and agendas are often vague because what they want is transient and intangible. Marches for “fair wages” and an end to “institutional racism” happen across the nation without thought to what those words mean because the Underachiever feels as if they deserve these things. Throughout history, the Underachiever has often been the most violent.

The way to win over the Underachiever is to instill personal responsibility.

While the right is often accused of bigotry, the left commits the worst bigotry of all by thrusting labels and low expectations onto different groups of people. Underachievers are often forced to check certain boxes, to accept certain truths and are cast out if they think differently. They, like the Do-Gooders, are a tool of the Sinister arm of the left.

The Sinister

This is a group of people who have one goal and one goal only: Personal Gain. They are the social activist or college administrators of the world. They see pushing identity politics and victimhood as a path to prosperity.

The Sinister sees the division in society as an opportunity to advance an agenda for personal gain. The Sinister follow different variations of cultural Marxism where they take advantage of the despair of underachievers in society along with the empathy of Do-Gooders to push forward policy that often make life worse for everyone except the Sinister. This is why activists like Shaun King or Al Sharpton are worth millions of dollars while giving no real benefit to anyone.

The Sinister do what they do because it is profitable. Victimhood is big business for the modern day, regressive left. The people who come along and claim they can solve the problems of society are often given power and prestige without any thought of if their policies will do any good for anyone. These are the Stalins or the Maos who promise Utopia if only the Do-Gooders or the Underachievers would just get out of the way and let them lead.

The Sinister arm of the left often comes in a charismatic package and appeals to either a sense of guilt within the Do-Gooders or a sense of outrage in the Underachievers. The Sinister arm of the left often is as wealthy and powerful as the right but claim a compassion for the unfortunate and a moral superiority used to stamp out any opposition.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do against this branch of Liberalism except to confront their ideas with the truth. They will continue to use identity politics for their own gain because it is their livelihood.

The Sinister will call the right racist while their bad policies result in the deaths of countless minorities.

How to Win

The way to win over those who are open to new ideas is to protect free speech because free speech is the path to truth, to instill responsibility as it wards off the idea of victimhood, and to celebrate achievement because it is to path to personal growth and satisfaction.

The left doesn’t understand that there is more to life than being comfortable and that the soup kitchen of the welfare state isn’t what makes life worth living. Setting goals and reaching them is.

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