Ben Shapiro Destroys Leftist Idea Of Individualism Being Racist


Thursday, March 2, 2017

While speaking at the Reagan Ranch on Friday, Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro dismantled the leftist idea of individualism somehow being racist for viewing everyone capable of both good and evil. Shapiro’s speech focused on the rapid growth of leftist ideology on college campuses today. However, he also touched on the reason why the left has taken such a strong stand in favor of group identity rather than individualism.

An audience member asked Shapiro why the left perceives conservatives as being racist; Shapiro responded.

“Conservatism says you don’t get special treatment if you’re white; you don’t get special treatment if you’re black; you don’t get special treatment if you’re anything because you’re an individual human being and your race shouldn’t matter,” Shapiro said.

The left has been calling conservatives racist for more than half a century. Policies benefiting specific groups of individuals, such as affirmative action in the 1960’s, have been the foil for the left’s claims.

“If you don’t support my policy that helps children starving on the streets of Atlanta, you must hate those children and want them to die alone.”

How are you supposed to come back from a personal attack like that?

Well, you have to call them out using logic — leftists often call this fiction.

For instance, just examine the Democrats’ view of Black Lives Matter as the moral arbiters of all things race related. If you’re white, you have less authority when speaking about problems in the black community in the Democrat’s eyes.

Basing someone’s argument off their race rather than the content of their argument sounds familiar. This is racism and hypocritical of the left to suggest such an absurdity.

Hillary Clinton used group identity endlessly to instill fear in Americans during her campaign.

The hard left only looks through this prism of morality based on supposed victimized groups to determine one’s level of virtue. Shapiro touches on this in his speech when he said “Somebody on the left looks at you and the first thing they think is black person.”

This type of group mentality actually leads to segregation. Once you say that one particular group has the moral advantage over all others, you end up with a group similar in nature to the KKK who want to segregate citizens into groups ordered by morality level, but this time organized by how offended the group feels.

This idea of group identity, adopted by the DNC, can be of great use because it creates a sense of belonging to something rather than the demand for personal responsibility. The feeling of belonging leads to devotion to the cause and a dedication toward accomplishing the common goal.

Ironically, this helped destroy the DNC as increasing numbers of leftists showed their true colors in the pursuit of their fictitious utopia.

Placing Americans in boxes marked off with the titles Islamophobic, racist, bigoted, white, black, Jew, Christian and countless others has divided America. But with the defeat of Hillary Clinton, there might be a chance that personal responsibility will be a virtue held by more Americans.

I wouldn’t count on the Democrats to make that change.

Jeffrey Tomblin (@JeffreyTomblin) is the Digital Media Director of Lone Conservative. He’s an alumnus of the University of Georgia, where he practiced media theory, research, planning, and production.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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Jeffrey Tomblin (@JeffreyTomblin) is the Digital Media Director of Lone Conservative. He’s an alumnus of the University of Georgia, where he practiced media theory, research, planning, and production.

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