What To Do With Faithless Electors


Friday, December 16, 2016

As December 19th rears its ugly head and the electors meet to vote for their candidate, the problem of faithless electors becomes more apparent in this election than ever before.

In a momentous historical occasion, electors from many states may not vote for the candidate that won simply because they dislike his philosophy.

The Electoral College, one of the biggest checks on power in American politics, is now under threat of execution. If electors decide not to follow the will of the people in their state simply because they don’t like the candidate, what good is the system? I agree with the left that the election process must be reformed, but rather than whining about how unfair the Electoral College is, we must instead ask ourselves about what to do about the real threats to our democratic process: the faithless electors.

As of now, there are twenty-nine states with laws that punish faithless electors. The punishments have never been enforced in the nation’s history, and a majority of the states merely impose a simple fine as punishment. Only two states with such laws, Michigan and Minnesota, declare that a faithless elector’s vote is void. Twenty-one states have no laws or restrictions on faithless electors, meaning that they could vote for whichever candidate they wished if they so chose to.

Faithless electors haven’t caused too many issues in the past. Usually, only one or two bad seeds go against the state’s vote. However, when faithless electors do group together and vote the other way, the Democratic process is always shaken.

For example, in the election of 1836, all 23 electors from Virginia refused to cast a ballot for Martin Van Buren’s vice president, Richard Johnson, because he had an affair with a slave.

Johnson was nearly denied his vice presidential position which should’ve been afforded to him by the Electoral College (the Senate luckily voted for Johnson as VP when it came to them) all because the electors despised one aspect of his social life. The electors, by the way, were never punished.

In recent weeks, certain electors have begun to speak out, claiming while standing on their invisible moral high ground that they cannot vote for Trump. Two such electors, Michael Baca and P. Bret Chiafalo, started the movement while calling themselves “Hamilton Electors” as Alexander Hamilton believed that electors should vote their own way while using the popular vote only as a tool of guidance.

Polly Baca, Hamilton Elector, has herself claimed that she wishes for the Electoral College to be as it is outlined in Hamilton’s Federalist Papers. Currently, the Hamilton Electors are attempting to convince at least 27 Republican electors to ditch Trump in order to prove the point that the Electoral College is garbage.

Now, after hearing all of this, if you’re not outraged, you should be. These electors and the crooked ideology which they represent are directly opposed to the biggest check on power we have in this country. The Electoral College was conceived to assure that smaller states had a say in major elections.

More importantly, the Electoral College was conceived because many of the Founding Fathers feared a pure (direct) Democracy, in which anything goes if you have 51% of the vote. Madison specifically feared such a form of government, as he instilled in the Constitution many ways for minority groups to achieve power in order to avoid being oppressed by the majority, the Electoral College being part of this. Each state has a say, each state has a vote, that’s the Electoral way, but what do we do now that faithless electors threaten that system, and go against the people of their state in the process?

Congress must first make it federal law that each elector in each state must go by the vote of its population. Any elector who goes against this is betraying the country and its people and is thus committing treason. What should follow for such disregard of the people’s vote is a considerably greater fine of at least $100,000 (compared to the occasional $1,000 fine there is now in some states) and a trial for a jail sentence of no less than five years, while obviously making that elector’s vote void.

Disrupting the Democratic process of this great nation because you have your own agenda is a fascistic practice that should not be tolerated by either the left or the right in any Democratic Republic, and should be quashed the moment it shows itself.

As many who follow me on social media or have talked to me personally about this election know, I am a Never-Trumper and remained that way for the whole election. However, the man won a highly contested win because he spoke to the average American worker. Trump won admirably, and above all, he won fairly.

For those on the Left advocating like petulant children for an abolition of the Electoral College whilst burning your country’s flag, or are screeching your undying support for these faithless morons on social media, understand that conservatives such as myself will not let you succeed. We will not let you rule this country with an iron fist of Leftism. And we will never give up.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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