“You don’t need religion to be a good person.”

This is the answer leftist atheists frequently give when challenged about their godlessness. The proper response to this suggestion is that yes, there is absolute truth, and that truth must come from somewhere other than those who must abide by it.

The real difference between leftism and conservatism is rooted in something far deeper than policy differences. It’s more than a simple disagreement about which tax plan creates jobs or the most efficient way to sustain energy.

The difference is moral relativism versus absolute truth.

Leftism embraces the former. There is no real truth, because we are all different with different standards, and in the name of tolerance, that’s acceptable. There is no greater atmosphere for a culture of moral relativism than a modern-day college campus.

Think about your own campus. Anything goes. People express their ideas and beliefs freely without judgement. With gender-fluid restrooms and safe spaces, everybody can be whoever he or she wants to be regardless of facts, biology, or consequence. Because, after all, nothing really exists besides your own personal identity. It’s all in the name of tolerance.

On a college campus, if you want to drink heavily or not drink at all, it’s your life. If you want to engage in promiscuous sexual activity or be abstinent, well, you do you.

Whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it, none of it is wrong because you are learning about yourself, and there really is no such thing as real right or wrong.

Except there is.

Relativism has created some of the worst social and political conflicts in our society. Pro-choice baby-killers argue that there is no absolute starting point to life. It’s relative, according to them. Some say babies are considered life after the first trimester, some say they’re not alive until they have been delivered. Transgender men and women and their supporters say truthful biology doesn’t matter. Your gender and sex are totally fluid and relative based on your emotional feelings, causing the gender-relativity we’re being forced to accept.

These types of ideas are not sustainable because when you continue to follow the logic, there are conflicts that can’t be solved. The very foundation of a society, its laws, comes from the idea of absolute truth. It is absolutely wrong to take a life without reason. This is called murder and we all acknowledge it and punish those who commit the crime accordingly.

If there is no absolute right and wrong, how can there be law? Who is to say that murder is wrong? Human rights are a cornerstone of leftism. They pride themselves on being the movement to advance human rights. If everything is relative, human rights don’t exist. If there is no real moral truth, women and children can be abused.

People can be enslaved. We can rid the world of life we see to be inefficient. All it requires is a person to “self-identify” as a slave owner or an abuser, and it’s as acceptable as anything.

If we continue to be indoctrinated with moral relativism on our college campuses, the ability to exist as a cohesive society that recognizes facts and truth will be eliminated.

When that happens, society itself can be easily eliminated. As college students, it is our job to reject the idea of moral relativism that is being forced down our throats. We have to establish real truth and hold to it.

And that’s the truth.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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