America Wins Big: Post-Election Thoughts


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Election night, the American people put the red back in red, white, and blue.

No, this is not some social justice warrior metaphor for blood because Trump is the Hitler Antichrist/Godzilla Robot that will kill all the immigrants.

I mean that Republicans had an incredible victory two weeks ago. In addition to Donald Trump winning the presidential election, Republicans also won the House, the Senate, and have the most governorships—not to mention we’ll most likely end up filling the SCOTUS seat.

Obviously, a win this big is yuge, but this is an even bigger win for other reasons. The timing speaks volumes. In an era where the media, Hollywood, and even our current president have been trying to say that conservatism is on its way out—and that the majority of Americans are Left-leaning because all Right-wingers are racist bigots that hate women, minorities, immigrants, and eat puppies (that last one may be an exaggeration, but you get the picture)—we still came through.

The American people voted in favor of conservatism. So while many people believed the media, thinking this is a predominantly Left-leaning nation and were losing hope that Trump stood a chance (myself included unfortunately), the American people proved the media wrong. They made their voices heard (and pretty loudly) by electing Donald Trump.

Trump didn’t just beat Hillary Clinton; he demolished her. The Trump landslide that Mike Cernovich and Milo Yiannopoulos talked about (that I thought was crazy myself) happened. In addition, we won everything else. So with the media telling us that more people support liberalism and yet Republicans cleaned house, what does it all mean? That there are more bigots and racists in America than estimated? Unlikely.

What the results of this election mean is that the American people chose the side of reason. These results don’t even necessarily mean that more people support conservatism. If the side of reason also happens to be the conservative side, that’s merely a happy coincidence. The fact the Republicans won doesn’t mean everyone who voted Republican is a racist. That’s absurd.

Allow me to give you an example. Out of my immediate family, four members (including myself) voted for Republicans. Out of those four, one is white. The rest of us? Two mixed Latino and one Latino immigrant. Please attempt to tell me how that’s racist, because according to leftist logic, the fact that the three of us are not white means we can’t be racist (or does that only apply to liberal minorities?).

I also have a member of my family (who would most likely prefer to be anonymous) who voted Trump that I would like to mention. This relative came into this election with the most reasonable and open mind I have ever seen. This relative is also Latino, they have no political leaning, they are married to an African American and have a child that is part white, part Latino, and part black. They are also a supporter of Black Lives Matter.

Why is this relevant you might ask? Because there is no case that can be made that this voter is a deplorable racist or whatever absurd name liberals like to call Trump supporters. This was a voter who was voting (in their mind) for the lesser of two evils. They saw right through Hillary Clinton’s lies and crimes, like many others. I know it’s easy for liberals to bully Trump supporters, and calling them racist bigots is an easy way to make them look bad, but the fact of the matter is, that’s not at all what Republican voters are.

As I said, the American people wanted to vote on the side of reason this election. Voting for a candidate who is not a politician, who is not a criminal with an abundance of evidence of their crimes, who doesn’t think illegals should come here freely, who doesn’t think we should allow refugees in by the thousands without a vetting process, and who believes businesses should be able to keep their money so they can better pay their employees is the most reasonable choice I can think of.

The American people have voted for the reasonable candidate. They voted for the reasonable party. They voted on the side of conservatism. They exposed every last one of the media’s lies. This is a victory that I am truly honored to have experienced, especially in the first election I was able to vote in.

I know many political activists are relieved with the Republican win and feel like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders after a brutal fight and can now relax. Even a part of me feels like that. That’s not the case. We need to make sure that after these four years, the American people still believe what they do now. We need to continue to fight the Left because they’re going to do everything in their power to make sure people’s minds are changed by 2020.

The media isn’t going to walk away in defeat. It’s going to rise and try to destroy conservatism so a win like this never happens again. We need to secure a win like this. We need to keep speaking out and keep standing up for what we believe in so we can help our country turn around and truly make it great again.

I’m not saying we need to force everyone to become a Republican. What makes this country great is its diversity, whether it’s political, religious, or racial. However, radical Leftism does not work with American culture and government. Radical Leftists stand for everything this country and our constitution is against.

Right now we’re at an outstanding advantage. If we play our cards right, we can completely eliminate the fascism the radical Left has spent so much time creating. The United States could do a complete 180-degree turnaround and our country could finally be what it was meant to be.

This election, the Left tried to lie its way into power, but we the people saw straight through their lies and didn’t give in. If we unite and continue to expose the Left, we can have more elections like this (I mean the results, not the brutality and cartoonish nature of what went down). Almost everyone believed that this election was an important turning point in where our country is headed and that’s true.

A victory for Donald Trump and a victory for the Republican senate is the start of a new, brighter future for America. Although things still seem ugly right now with angry liberals protesting, crying, and practically jumping off cliffs like lemmings, things will only improve if we can take advantage of this win. The changes conservatives have been wanting to see for decades can and will finally happen.

Though we’re in for a great four years, we still have much to do and we must be careful. The American people just endured eight years of Obama. We just went through eight years of the government trying to see how involved they can be in every aspect of your life—insurance, religion, private business, schools… even bathrooms.

The legacy Obama left this country is going to be righted. We’re going to help fix this nation in these next four years, but we’re not home free yet—we just put the red back into red, white, and blue.

Zachary Thomas is a student at York Technical College, a freelance writer, and an engineer at a commercial cabinetry company. Though his passion for politics hasn't been around long, he has always had an interest in the law and plans to further his education to become a lawyer. He loves his God, his country, his family, and his sweaters.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Zachary Thomas

York Technical College

Zachary Thomas is a student at York Technical College, a freelance writer, and an engineer at a commercial cabinetry company. Though his passion for politics hasn't been around long, he has always had an interest in the law and plans to further his education to become a lawyer. He loves his God, his country, his family, and his sweaters.

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