When I first saw you on your initial campaign stop in Mobile, I thought a few things. “This guy is arrogant, he doesn’t know how to give a speech, he’s just another rich guy, and he’s not my first, second, or third choice to be the next president of the United States.”

Like many of the young millennials my age, I was on the Bernie Bandwagon for a little bit. Free college sounded great to me considering I’m headed there next year. I then realized that there is no such thing as “free college” and was slammed back to the harsh ground of reality from the Bernie Bandwagon.

Crooked Hillary never appealed to me and Ben Carson was my top pick among the primary candidates, with Ted Cruz as my second choice.

Donald, I can honestly say you took a while to appeal to me. Let me explain why.

When you first started out, it was like watching a train wreck. Your speeches were poorly put together; in fact, you in general were poorly put together.

Your opinions on things were very radical and not really anything the typical conservative believes, in my opinion. The thing that really got everyone, including myself, for a good while there were the blatant insults you would throw around.  

Calling Muslims terrorists, all Mexicans illegal criminals, and my favorite was the multiple names you have called women.

You’re a ruthless business man who is in everything for his own best interest. You do business outside of the country, which seems a bit hypocritical of you considering in many of your speeches you criticize other companies for doing the same thing. You used tax laws to make sure you got the maximum amount of breaks where you could to avoid paying taxes to the government. You filed bankruptcy several times, but have still overcome trying economic times to create a prosperous business that has outdone itself and employs many, many people.

Your most famous accomplishment lately is the recording of you stating you “grab them right by the pu**y.” This is of course in reference of a conversation which entailed you discussing fame and its many perks, including being able to do whatever you want. Not your proudest moment.

Let’s be honest though; men and women alike, no one can honestly sit here and say they are the absolute perfect individual and have never made a dirty or mean comment towards another person, objectified another human being, or made sexual references to someone else.

Your immigration plans are harsh. Let’s not forget there have been pieces of legislature in the past limiting immigration from other countries—such as the Immigration Act of 1921, which limited the percentage of Europeans coming into America, as well as the Immigration Act of 1924, which limited the percentage of Asians coming into the US.

The Democrats all love FDR because he brought us out of the depression, but let’s also not forget who stuck the Japanese people in internment camps to protect our country from potential terrorists.

Must have slipped their minds, I suppose….

You’re loud and obnoxious and so full of yourself in a way that screams arrogance at its finest. Like I said, you’re not my first, second, or even third choice for the nomination or the presidency.

Then again, that is why so many people love you. You’re arrogant and aggressive. You’re a businessman who rules with an iron fist and gets the job done, sometimes for less money and ahead of schedule.

You’re good at what you do and many Americans respect that about you. Doing business isn’t always pretty and sometimes requires you to be the bad cop in the situation, as does being a world leader.  

As many people like to say: “Nice guys finish last.”

Mr. Trump: while you aren’t my first, second, or third choice for president, I do believe you will Make America Great Again if the people give you the privilege to do so.

Nothing people are bashing you for is illegal.

Finding ways to make the tax laws best benefit you doesn’t make you unpatriotic or a thief, it makes you smart. There’s a whole industry based off of helping people find loopholes in tax laws. People go and get graduate degrees to become tax lawyers. There is nothing illegal about what you have done in this whole situation.

That is what people need to understand.

People are allowed to disagree with you all day long. The First Amendment protects the right to do so.

What I don’t understand is how people can equate the “mean” and “unjust behavior” you may display to the lies and manipulation the Clintons have been feeding to the public since day one. Ignorance at its finest—which is what the Right gets accused of being every day.

I believe like any other person who decides to just take on the burden and stress of perhaps being the next leader of the free world, you really mean well. While some may not see it, I do believe you want what is best for this country. You want to help make the American dream possible again.

You want to help students actually afford college and not have to take out loans, but still make them work for their degree. You want to allow immigration, just the legal way. You want to help the refugees, but first you have to help your people.

So many people today are concerned with your plan on the refugee crisis, but I see that you are simply taking a standpoint of we must first heal our country before we can help others.

People can look around and say America is the best country in the world, and to me, it still is because of the foundation. We just need to get back on track with how things were meant to be according to the Constitution, not someone’s political agenda, which is why I hope the people give you the chance to Make America Great Again.

Yours truly,

A future female leader

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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