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Friday, November 4, 2016

Today, as we watch our Republic fall, it is clear that we have elected people who use the power of government to punish fellow, law-abiding citizens, and to make money by selling themselves to the highest bidder. We have watched our president trample on the Constitution for nearly eight years and a Republican Congress allow it with little resistance.

Our children have not been taught the principles of freedom which made America the most prosperous, productive, and powerful country in the world. At one time, America was the pinnacle of opportunity and innovation.

Now, however, those in power seem intent on stripping the citizens of United States of their spirit of independence. The founding principles that makes our republic unique and our citizens free are mocked and scoffed at by those who seek to do us harm.

Government has regulated and taxed its citizens into submission while retroactively spending our nation into oblivion. These actions have lead to the fall of past republics but the United States has something that other fallen republics did not have: the Constitution. Our forefathers knew that this Constitution was necessary to protect us from an increasingly powerful, corrupt, and tyrannical federal government.

More specifically, the Constitution provides us an “escape hatch” that the founders created for We The People should the federal Government get to a point that it no longer is held accountable. This “escape hatch” is Article V of the Constitution, the Convention of States.

Article V is incredibly important and was brilliantly put into place by our Founders upon realizing that only Congress had constitutional amending power. This was discomforting to them. The rationale was that if a tyrannical government were the only ones able to amend the Constitution, then the country is doomed because no government would ever legislate itself out of power, that would have to come from the people.

Therefore, Article V gives states the right to hold a convention that gives them power to amend the Constitution, as they deem fit. However, there are restrictions and requirements that must be met before the state’s gain this ability.

Thirty-four state legislatures must pass a resolution called an “application” calling for a Convention of the States. The applications must request a Convention of the States for the same subject matter and be delivered to Congress. After two-thirds of the states have made this application Congress is required to call a Convention of the States.

It is important that people understand, if two-thirds is not reached, the convention cannot be held. This would mean that We The People will not have our voices heard on issues such as term limits for Congress or Supreme Court Justices.

Next, each state legislature will send delegates to the convention to act on the wishes of the state. When the convention is held, Amendments will be proposed and voted by the delegates and if an Amendment gets three-fourth of the votes, then it will be ratified as a constitutional amendment.

It is important to note, delegates are bound by the wishes of the state legislature and not simply on their own whims. Therefore, we must elect the state officials that best represent our conservative principles and values.

As young citizens, we must understand the importance of Article V to our future.  In order regain control of an out-of-control federal government, a Convention of States may be our only recourse. Today, we have less freedom and the fifty states have less power than at any time in our nation’s history.

That would likely change if Article Five is acted upon and a Convention of States is called. We could see term limits for Congress and Supreme Court Justices, and a budget restriction for the federal government that does not allow them to spend more than they bring in. This will only happen if we understand, support, and demand it.

I implore you, contact your state legislators and request that they present an application for a Convention of States.

To find out what we as young Americans can do to take our country back and learn more about Article V of the Constitution check out the Convention of States Project at http://www.conventionofstates.com.

America was founded on free-market principles, with the idea of liberty and justice for all. I'm just here to help people understand those principles.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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America was founded on free-market principles, with the idea of liberty and justice for all. I'm just here to help people understand those principles.

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